Will brick and mortar casinos eventually disappear?

Online gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. Constant improvements in technology mean that the experience of playing cards or slot machine games online is becoming more realistic every year. This raises the question, will there eventually come a day when people stop going to physical casinos and do all of their playing online instead?

The answer to this question depends on why you believe people go to casinos in the first place. If the reasons are primarily related to the games that they are playing, then the odds are that brick and mortar casinos are in real trouble. On the other hand, if the experience of a night at the casino is the real draw and the games are only incidental to the whole experience, then it is likely that casinos have a bright future ahead of them whether they are physical or virtual.

Recent developments in the casino sector suggest that major operators are very aware of this and are working to turn there casinos into experiences that people will travel hundreds of miles to enjoy. Signs of this are visible not only in major gaming resorts such as Las Vegas and Macau but also in the major city casinos that exist in large Australian cities. As well as offering g card tables and the usual rows of slot machines, these casinos also offer live shows, great value food buffets and other facilities that encourage their visitors to stick around even if they have grown tired of gambling.

This is likely to be the future for casinos when they simply cannot compete with online operators when it comes to the ease and quality of the playing experience. Physical casinos are going to have to offer something over and above gambling if they want.to remain in business. Thankfully, recent developments suggest that there is more than enough room for both online and physical operators. The main obstacle to the expansion of the internet casinos is likely to be government regulations that make it hard for them to operate and attract new customers.