Oliotronix will DJ at SuperByte 2015!

Originally from Estonia but now spending the majority of her time in London, Oliotronix  has been shaking London’s underground electro scene for a while now, playing at iconic venues such as the Nest, Proud Camden, 93 Feet East, Roadtrip and Workshop.

Having previously established the bustling London chiptune community and club night “8Bit Vomit”, Olio is now looking for more. Having been involved in teams at Boys Noize Records, Bleepstreet Records, Shoreditch Radio and collaborated with artists such as Jeff Automatic, El Conchitas and many more, she is back in London to bring the party goers a new kind of musical experience.

Mixing a host of different genres from house, techno, funk to dirty disco punk, experimental, and noise dance she creates effortless blends of party sounds, incorporating influences from Berlin to London.

Currently Oliotronix is a Gamerdisco representative where she is a fresh resident DJ and booker.


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The new super-project from Henry Homesweet and JDDJ3J, CYMBA, will perform at SuperByte 2015!

The collaboration of the two was inevitable. For over 7 years, Tom (Henry Homesweet) and Jules (JDDJ3J) met regularly at chiptune festivals worldwide. They performed together for the first time in March 2010 at SXSW Festival (Austin, Texas) with a spontaneous and completely improvised set. The result was immediate and is now called CYMBA.

With CYMBA, each Gameboy is utilised in a way that neither Jules nor Tom could do with only two hands. Surpassing the original functional, their instruments of choice are synchronised to become a complete collaborative machine.

Now in 2015, this raw techno project has just begun. After a few dates, CYMBA will release their debut EP on vinyl this Summer.

LSDJ For Beginners Workshop Confirmed

Joe Bleeps will deliver an entry level LSDJ workshop at SuperByte 2015.

SuperByte is very much about supporting the next generation of chiptune artists as well as celebrating the amazing talent already in the chipmusic community. With that in mind, we’re happy to be hosting an entry level LSDJ workshop courtesy of the brilliant Joe Bleeps. The session is designed to equip you with a basic set of instruments and some simple techniques to help you start putting together your first tunes.

Full details of this and our other workshops are available here.

RCM at SuperByte 2015

We’re happy to welcome The Retro Computer Museum back to SuperByte for the third year running.

It’s always a pleasure having these guys in attendance – they do fantastic work for a really worthy cause. Once again they’ll be hosting a large retro gaming free play area in The Pub during the daytime and early evening of our Saturday event, running alongside our tournaments.

We’ve had a bit of a re-think on the use of space (perks of keeping the same venue from 2014!) and we’ll be spreading the gaming area out a little more this year. Keep an eye on the schedule nearer to the festival for the times these areas will be in operation and check out RCM’s official website for details on their work and projects.

Mega Ran

We don’t normally book artists two years running, but we’ll make an exception for this guy. Mega Ran will perform at SuperByte 2015!

If you put video games, the 80′s, hip-hop, soul music, jazz and standup comedy into a blender and hit “puree,” you’d have something close to The Mega Ran Experience.

The Penn State graduate and self-proclaimed “TeacherRapperHero” made waves by going way left of his backpack roots by combining 8-bit video game sounds and hard hitting hip-hop tracks, and has become a trailblazer in the budding genres of chiptune and nerdcore hip-hop, while maintaining a career as a middle school teacher. Ran’s first album “The Call” was a critical success, featuring tracks with some of the underground’s most respected heads.

Ran cut his teeth in the city of Philadelphia as a moonlighting emcee and producer, performing, freestyle rapping, producing and later engineering at a studio. After relocating to Phoenix, competing in the Scribble Jam emcee battle championships and taking an early exit, Ran almost quit before he was even started, when a creative lightning bolt struck, and a fire was lit.

Retro video games were catalyst. Random began the transformation into Mega Ran, his alter-ego, an ode to the classic video game character Mega Man. After creating a tribute album and receiving an unprecedented level of support and blessing from Capcom to continue, Ran was reborn and became a trailblazer in the budding “nerdcore” and chiptune subgenres, while coining his own term to describe what he had done, “Chip-Hop.”

Various video game developer co-signs and admiration from the genre’s toughest critics have led to placements in TV, movies, university coursework, and of course, games. Random’s music and story have been shared on stages across the world, on television (ABC/NBC News, ESPN, Portlandia, Tosh.O, WWE Wrestling) and in leading music, gaming and tech publications, print and online.

Today, Random is no longer a teacher by title, but maintains a rigorous touring and recording schedule, traveling the world to entertain and educate through the gift of rhyme. You’re just as likely to hear Ran’s raps at a packed anime or convention as in a nightclub, at a festival, in a classroom, or even at an exclusive video game industry event.

Now that’s Random.


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King Wine

King Wine will join us for SuperByte 2015!

*Photo by Raymond Garrett

King Wine are a goofy DIY pop duo who are based in Ayr and Glasgow. Influenced both by the internet and the 80s teen culture they never got to be a part of, they spend a lot of time listening to Japanese pop punk and toy keyboard drum kits. Instruments include (but are not limited to) Gameboy, ukulele, synth, bass guitar, kazoo, melodica and tambourine. They spend 80% of their time thinking up costumes to wear at gigs, 10% on self-deprecating humour, and the final 10% on actual songs. The dancing is 100% improvised.


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(thanks to 8 Bit Nights for the live recording!)