SuperByte Partners with MSP

We’re really happy to announce that SuperByte is now sponsored and supported by Manchester Science Partnerships.

Over the coming months we’ll be working with MSP to host a fantastic series of retro gaming and networking events at their central site and they’ll be supporting us to deliver SuperByte’s ethos of DIY creativity and innovation to a wider audience.

Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) is a community of scientists, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs, catalysing the growth of innovative science and technology businesses.

They provide the right environments and connections for new ideas to flourish and concepts to become commercial reality.

As the UK’s largest science park operator with five sites across the North West, they are able to support the growth of companies across the biomedical, ICT, industrial technology and digital creative sectors, accommodating everything from single desk start-ups to European HQs.

Locating at one of their sites means joining a network that provides vital links and access to funding, markets, talent and professional services to accelerate innovation and business growth.

We’re very excited to be working with a great organisation that really supports the creative and technical side of Manchester. For updates on their work and to find out more, you can follow MSP on Twitter or visit their website.


2xAA joins the SuperByte 2015 line-up as a visual artist and special pre-party guest performer!

2xaa_cropped*Photo by Tristan Heaven

Runner of µCollective, chipper of tunes and jockey of the visuals, 2xAA is probably best described as crazy.

Since stumbling into the Chipscene in 2009, 2xAA has run 8bitcollective, set up µCollective, performed and organised various gigs across the UK and developed visual software modV to accompany him and his shows. After a two year-ish hiatus(ISH), 2xAA will be releasing his third EP this year.


Official Website

For Astronauts and Satellites

We’re especially excited to announce that For Astronauts and Satellites will be performing at SuperByte 2015!

For Astronauts and Satellites combine the old, nostalgic sounds from their past with post rock sensibilities and visceral British rock. With mutual influences such as Reuben, 65daysofstatic, Starscream and Explosions in the Sky, Ian, Matt and Mike create expansive and at times beautifully aggressive post rock soundscapes that breathe life into their old Nintendo handhelds and Commodore 64 computers.


Official Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

VJ Enterr

Our second visual artist announcement for SuperByte 2015 is VJ Enterr!

VJ Entter (Raúl Berrueco, Santander, 1977) studied Fine Arts at the Basque Country University and has worked as motiongrapher, digital designer and art director. As a visual artist, he has worked as professional video jockey and performer for many years, collaborating with electronic musicians such as Goto80 and Meneo in acclaimed audiovisual shows alongside creating music videos and working on theatre productions in video mapping with his work featuring in The Creators Project, GameScences and at the Fousion Gallery.

Entter is widely known for his visual focus on retro arcade and low-fi gaming graphics from the first era of home entertainment consoles such as the Commodore 64, Spectrum and Nintendo’s NES and GameBoy. He adds a certain regard for glitches, ROM hacking, trash culture, machinima, visual algorithms, cyberpunk and random scripting; all of which contribute to his cryptic and retro-futuristic style that tries to discover the machines’ own DNA.

Entter’s Pixelart Exhibition at Fousion Gallery from Entter on Vimeo.


Official WebsiteFacebook / Vimeo

Trinity Lo Fi

We’re psyched to announce that Trinity Lo Fi will be joining us for SuperByte 2015!

Living in Japan in a one room apartment, soundtracked by the mighty riddims coming from Helgeland 8 Bit Squad, Jody Bigfoot started to pen the foundations of the almighty rap duo Trinity Lo Fi. The sudden death of a best friend brought the wandering Sasquatch back to the UK, where he was able to link back up with the local prodigy Louie Zico, a child hood friend who soon became the magic dust that would complete the Trinity. Intent on making heads nod and drop into the sublime, Trinity Lo Fi bring a diverse range of MC styles to the table, on the vast variety of backings provided by the Bit Squad. Lo Fi. Love Life.


Facebook / YouTube

SuperByte Partners with Futureworks

We’re delighted to announce that SuperByte is partnering with Futureworks for 2015.

As well as celebrating and showcasing the work of new and established artists in the chiptune, low-tech and 8 bit community, SuperByte is always looking to support the learning and development of musicians, artists and developers through workshops, networking and by (hopefully) inspiring people to dig out their hardware or software of choice and make some art themselves.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to confirm that over the coming months we’ll be working alongside the brilliant Futureworks in Manchester who have agreed to be our educational partner for SuperByte 2015. They’ll be joining us at SuperByte’s Expo & Art Space to meet people and chat to them about their exciting video game, audio and art courses and we’ll be working with them to help introduce chipmusic production and low-tech arts to some of their existing students.

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months. We’ve got some big plans.