Our final artist announcement for 2015 – IAYD will perform at SuperByte!

Austin-based electronic musician and producer IAYD specializes in handheld bass music and lo-fi bangers. Since 2007, IAYD has played over 150+ shows internationally, and has released a 14 track full-length record critically acclaimed by The Needle Drop on U.S. label Thebasebit Recordings.


Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

DIY Destruction

Our final visual artist announcement for 2015, we’re happy to welcome DIY Destruction back to SuperByte.

DIY Destruction uses pure data, a raspberry pi and touch OSC to create a visual landscape of geometric shapes and visuals oddities for the brain to feast on. He has been apart of I/O Chip Music NY for many years and has performed all over America and has been apart of the Toy Company Music Festival as well as SuperByte in the UK.


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Live Visuals using modV Workshop with 2xAA

Our final workshop will be a hands-on introduction to modV, an exciting new a JavaScript audio visualisation framework written by Sam “2xAA” Wray.

Sam will cover setting up modV for a live music environment, writing your first module and learning how to live code with modV. Not only will you be able to watch Sam using the software live on SuperByte’s main stage as one of our visual artists, but you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the software yourself in this talk hosted by modV’s creator.

For more details, see the Workshops page.

Chiptune Post-Production Workshop with Danimal Cannon

Our latest workshop is live: a talk on chiptune post-production by Danimal Cannon himself.

So you’ve finished writing the song that’s going to save the world, or at least blow up the dance floor. How can you make your final recording be all it can be? Danimal Cannon will break down some production techniques to bring your flat sounding recordings or even your live shows to life. Why not learn how to give your music the royal treatment?

Stay tuned for another workshop announcement shortly.

Super Nintendo Music Production Demo with cTrix

The legendary cTrix will be delivering a talk at SuperByte 2015 on an exciting new project.

As part of the workshop, cTrix talks about the Super Nintendo music tool his democrew Elix are creating. You’ll see a start to finish song build covering sample creation, instrument building, tracking and tune tracking right though to getting the music playing on a stock-SNES from a flash cart. He’ll also explore the SNES audio hardware and it’s limitations vs. possibilities.

We’ve a couple more workshops still to add to the programme, so please check back.

Henry Homesweet (Essential Chip Mix DJ Set)

As well as performing as one half of CYMBA, Henry Homesweet will perform a very special ‘Essential Chip Mix’ DJ set to close SuperByte 2015!

Henry Homesweet explores archaic technology to find creativity through limitation. He has performed at parties worldwide with his eclectic live sets and DJ sets, replacing DJ decks with dusty hardware & delivering Lo-Fi synchronized techno & electro fresh from the chips.

His Essential Chip Mix selections are a true high point of the annual chipmusic calendar and we’re honoured to have him perform one live at SuperByte.


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